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Jewish History Soundbites

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On the Way to Canaan’s Land: The Five Aliyot to Palestine

August 30, 2021 Yehuda Geberer Jewish History Soundbites 36:26 16.68M
JH Soudbites
JH Soudbites
On the Way to Canaan's Land: The Five Aliyot to Palestine
Known to history as the five waves of ‘Aliyah’, immigration to the Land of Israel, the late 19th and early 20th century saw a slow but steady stream of Jewish immigration which laid the foundations of what later become the State of Israel. These waves of immigration were part of a larger trend of general and specifically Jewish immigration to the west during this time.
The first aliyah was a product of the Chovevei Zion movement and established the first agricultural colonies. The second aliyah was a result of the nascent Zionist movement and beginning of the socialist and nationalistic nature of the immigration. On the heels of World War I and the Balfour Declaration came the third aliyah, a very idealistic and nationalistic wave of immigrants who established many of the early kibbutzim. The fourth aliyah was primarily from Poland and was more urban in nature, while the fifth was largely a result of the Nazi rise to power in Germany and included many German Jewish refugees.
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