Jewish History Soundbites

Jewish History Soundbites

Listen to noted Tour Guide, Lecturer and Yad Vashem Researcher of Jewish History Yehuda Geberer bring the world of pre-war Eastern Europe alive. Join in to meet the great personages, institutions and episodes of a riveting past. For speaking engagements or tours in Israel or Eastern Europe

Tourbites: The Life & World of the Shach – Rav Shabsai Hakohen

June 15, 2024 Yehuda Geberer Jewish History Soundbites 33:53 15.55M
JH Soudbites
JH Soudbites
Tourbites: The Life & World of the Shach - Rav Shabsai Hakohen

Rav Shabsai Hakohen (1621-1663) was the author of one of the most important halachic works ever written, the Shach (Sifsei Kohen). His last rabbinical position and burial place in Holesov, Czechia, is a popular stop on Jewish history tours of Europe, along with the well preserved 16th century shul which served that community for centuries. On this episode of Jewish History Tourbites-Soundbites, we’ll explore the story of the Shach’s tumultuous life and great accomplishments, as well as the broader narrative of 17th century Polish Jewry which his life story reflects. Having been born into the rabbinic aristocracy during the golden age of Polish Jewry, he later fled his home and position in Vilna as a result of the upheavals during the Chmielnicki massacres of 1648-49 and the subsequent Second Northern War. His magnum opus was his commentary on Shulchan Aruch, the Shach, and he authored additional works on a variety of subjects including chronicles of Jewish history during his era.


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